Want to know why Georgia is at or near the top of every workforce list? It's because we never stop trying to make our workforce the best in the nation. Take the High Demand Career Initiative, for example. This group's entire aim is to listen to what industry and business leaders want in a workforce and then seeking to make sure the skills needed are impressed on the workforce. 

The HDCI team is hosting a sector partnership conference this week to award more grant money to each region while also breaking down what’s working where around the state when it comes to workforce development. We told you about the $250,000 grants earlier this year, and a new round of grants has been awarded by the HDCI.

Jamie Jordan is the program manager for the HDCI. Jordan is tasked with organizing all of the key stakeholders in each region to ensure every area of the state is customizing its workforce needs.

Check out this video explaining what it is Jordan and his team are doing at this conference, and for more information on HDCI and workforce development in Georgia, check out their website here

“We’re excited about this conference, as it is designed to bring together each Georgia region to collaborate on best practices and the most effective methods to address workforce issues in key industries. HDCI Sector Partnerships are critical to the continued success of Georgia’s workforce system.” —Jamie Jordan