Have you heard of our One Stop shops? Perhaps you haven’t, and if you’re struggling to find a job or want to change course and do something new, these career centers should be your first option.

Georgia Career Centers are here to help you. We have a full suite of services to help you expand your skillset, and we have partners around the state that can help craft a plan of action for you to gain the needed skills for in-demand jobs.

We have 44 career centers in Georgia covering the entire state. All you have to do is walk in and ask to talk to a career specialist. These centers are designed to help you find an in-demand job. That might mean you have to undergo new training, but many times that training will come at no cost to you.

You might have questions about what exactly an in-demand job is, and the best place to find that out is by finding your local career center and taking a visit. Each region works with its local business leaders and the career center specialists get to know what jobs are in-demand in that region.

Being able to get you on the right track for employment and eventually securing full-time employment is our ultimate goal.

If you have questions for our Career Centers, please send them any comments through the official contact forms found here or call us at 404-232-3990.

We want to help you find gainful employment in Georgia. All you have to do is call or visit your local Career Center and we’ll get started.