Did you know there are more than 200,000 open positions in the state of Georgia? There are also about the same number of unemployed Georgians, which is an interesting coincidence.  

61,000 of the 200k job openings come from six key sectors. As you can see from the chart, healthcare is the dominant industry in need of work today, though transportation is no slouch, either.

But look for Healthcare positions to remain atop this list for some time, as the trend is one dominating the country, not just Georgia. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects which positions will grow over the next decade and the first page is chalk full of healthcare jobs. 

As for transportation, there’s a dearth of qualified CDL drivers and with Georgia being one of the logistical hubs in the country, that need isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

One trend to look for is the growth of the telecommunications sector. It might be only sixth on this list now, it’s projected to be one of the booming industries in Georgia as we move into the next couple of decades.

Here’s the part of the story where I beat you over the head about the Technical College System of Georgia. From transportation to manufacturing to healthcare to telecommunications, the TCSG more than likely has multiple educational options that will get you into these sectors.

These industries need workers NOW, but they’re also going to need them in the future. Check out the TCSG if you think you lack some education or skills required to get one of these positions.