One of the ways the Workforce Division helps Georgians is by funding free programs for career development. One such program, funded by the Northeast Georgia Regional Commission, is the Manufacturing Fundamentals short-term program at Athens Technical College, which culminates with a simulated work environment exercise.

Scott Morrison graduated from the Manufacturing Fundamentals course, and it led him directly to full-time employment. In fact, in less than a year he’s gone from unemployed to having a full-time position with paid vacation and health benefits. Morrison took advantage of a great program to better himself and his family.

Upon completion of the program, Accurus Aerospace has hired Morrison and he’s been given more responsibility due to his success as an employee. Since accepting the position with Accurus he’s bought his first home and he and his wife have had their first child.

If you or someone you know is unemployed or underemployed, I would suggest you call Athens Technical College at 706-369-5875 and ask for information on the short term training programs offered.