Becoming a technology hub in America often brings immense prosperity to the surrounding area. Atlanta hopes that trend continues as it’s been named the third most-likely city in America to become “Tomorrow’s Tech Mecca.”

While that’s great news for Atlanta, it’s also great news for the state of Georgia. More advanced tech firms coming to the city means more advanced tech employees, which is good for the state, as innovation often spreads from the inside out.

According to CBRE’s Tech Talent report, Atlanta is now a top-10 city for technology professionals, having grown tech occupations by more than 46 percent since 2010. For context, the national average over the same time frame is 27 percent. 

This news comes on the heels of Comcast announcing it would put $200 million into an accelerator program in Atlanta as part of its LIFT Labs for Entrepreneurs entrepreneurial support program.

One reason why tech firms are flocking to Atlanta is due to a robust university system, most notably Georgia Tech and Emory.

So what does this mean for Georgians? It could mean major investment coming to the state. There’s already a major need for IT professionals, and there are going to be job openings in the near future that require technical skills.

This is where the Technical College System of Georgia can help. A lot of the positions coming from a tech renaissance will require advanced degrees or four-year degrees, but that’s not universally the case.

The TCSG has an abundance of programs available within the IT sector, and almost all of them can be finished in two years. These positions could be high-paying, cutting edge avenues for those interested in what many feel will be a booming industry right here in Georgia.