Do you post pictures of your kid's activities and milestones on social media? Doesn't everybody? It's the modern day version of those "painful" episodes where friends and family would share endless pictures of their kids and vacations in a Carousel slide show projected on a sheet hanging in the living room. At least what was shown in that living room, stayed in that living room. That's not the case with social media. Once you post a picture of your child, it lives forever on unknown databases available to unknown eyes. The picture leaves your control and you cannot get it back. Amy Webb of Webbmedia Group says it's easy to learn where someone lives, where they work, where they went to high school, who their close friends are - using only a photo to start. For some parents, this uncertainty means a loss of personal privacy and compromised personal information for them and their children. And they are joining the ranks of parents who are deciding not to share their kids' lives on traditional social media because of these security concerns. They're not paranoid, they just want protection. So what to do? KIDSLINK TO THE RESCUE! Founded here in Atlanta, KidsLink ( is a free app that connects, protects and organizes pictures and memories responsibly. It combines the best of a social network with a highly secure filing system. Titania Jordan, one of the founders of KidsLink, says it is up to her generation (Gen X) to bring some responsibility to the over-sharing phenomenon of social media so that younger generations won't suffer a complete loss of future privacy. For more on this issue and on KidsLink, here's my conversation with Titania Jordan and a concerned Mom: