As we head toward another Presidential election, I thought I would corral a panel of politicos to discuss what impact Millennials or Gen Y will have on our national political scene. Fusion, a media network geared toward Millennials, took the political pulse of this generation in a massive 2014 survey. Some of the findings? Millennials love Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Paul Ryan for 2016. The poll was taken before Congressman Ryan was defeated in his bid for re-election during the midterms, but an interesting choice nonetheless. They say the economy, debt and spending, and terrorism are the top three issues they're concerned about the most and they support legalizing gay marriage and medical marijuana, among other things. Millennials, of course, are generally less likely to vote in elections, but we saw that assumption challenged with the election of Barack Obama in 2008. What will they do and how will they influence the election in 2016? I asked Atlanta Journal and Constitution political reporters Jim Galloway (a Boomer) and Greg Bluestein (a Gen X-Millennial) to weigh in along with Governor Deal's spokesman Brian Robinson (a Gen Xer) and Pro Georgia's Rebecca Guerrra (a Millennial). What I learned was although there are definite generational differences in these political times, sometimes the more things change, the more they remain the same! See what you think: