Fast Forward recently made a trip to the Georgia Ports Authority in Savannah. And if you’ve ever been shopping in the state of Georgia, chances are you’re familiar with their work. They’re in the business of importing and exporting. So if you see it on the shelves, it’s probably been through one of their ports.

We started off by visiting the GPA’s shipyard. Each one of the enormous ships coming through carries hundreds of container boxes across the ocean and into the ports system. From there, the boxes are unloaded, placed on either a truck or a train and delivered to their final destinations. When the ship is emptied, giant cranes reload them with more goods to be transported overseas. Sounds simple, right? (Sarcasm)


While we were there, the entire team got to try out the Georgia Ports Authority’s state-of-the-art crane simulator, which teaches new crane operators how to navigate the real thing. Let’s just say not everyone at Fast Forward was a natural. Don’t worry, all that broken glass is computer generated. But the shame…that was real.


The real cranes are just little bigger: twelve stories tall to be more precise. And our crew climbed to the top to bring the viewers eye-popping footage from high above the Savannah River. Okay, we didn’t actually climb. There was an elevator. But we did get a good picture out of it…



And in case you think this is a small-time operation, just take a look at all of those containers. Every single one is either headed into or out of Georgia, and the people at Georgia Ports keep everything moving like a Swiss watch. Heck, I can’t even keep track of my car keys most of the time.


So if logistics is your thing, maybe you should consider working at the Georgia Ports Authority. They employ everyone from crane operators to information technology technicians. It takes a lot to keep this place up and running, and Fast Forward was glad to be a part of it.