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Sesame Street’s Numeric Con Previews New Season

Sesame Street invaded San Diego Comic Con over the weekend with a parody of the convention called Numeric Con.

In the video, the neighborhood is transformed into the greatest numbers convention in the world Numeric Con.

Inhabitants dressed as satires of their favorite sci fi fantasy and superhero characters countdown their favorite numbers. Fiverine, a spoof of the X-Men character Wolverine, shows off his love of the number five. One Sesame Street character, a clear nod to William Shatner’s Captain James T. Kirk from “Star Trek”, praises Numeric Con with a smarmy delivery.

Other characters are dressed up as parodies of “Star Wars'” Princess Leia or Harry Potter. Check out the video below.

Several Sesame Street stars attended Comic Con to promote the upcoming 45th season. The new season includes a gallery of celebs like Jonah Hill, Lupita Nyong'o, Seth Myers and Claire Danes helping to teach how to say the alphabet, count and express their feelings.

It also includes movie parodies like “Nosh of the Titans” and “Twilight: Breaking Cookie”.

The new season of “Sesame Street” is slated to begin September 15, 2014. Below is a preview.