From planning the federal budget to commanding our armed forces, American presidents have serious responsibilities they undertake during their terms in the White House. In Episode 4, “Role Call: The Seven Roles of the President,” students will learn about the seven main roles of our President and the responsibilities attached to each. Bill Nigut will discuss topics such as the President’s veto power as chief legislator and his duty to welcome foreign leaders as head of state. Not only does this episode address standard SSCG12 for American Government and Civics, it also has teacher resources that include a scenarios worksheet, discussion questions, and a graphic organizer

Catch up on the election and other topics presented in this series by consulting the chart below.

Episode Description Resources GPS
Episode 1: That's Debatable Explains the importance of debates in the political process, their overall structure and how this debate differs from those students will watch during the general election.   Debate Watch Guide
  Debate the Winner

  Debate Discussion
Episode 2: My Government, My Vote, My Voice Discusses the topic of democracy and provides insight on the difference between representative and parliamentary democracies and their overall contrast to autocracies and oligarchies.

 Discussion Questions
 Guided Notes

 Graphic Organizer

Episode 3: Do You Qualify Discusses the constitutional and unwritten qualifications for becoming president.  Discussion Questions
 Campaign Activity
 Qualifying People
Mini Episode: Campaign Update Students will find out where candidates from both political parties stand in national polls and how Iowa’s February 1st caucus and New Hampshire’s mid-February primary may impact those presidential nominees. Discussion Questions SSCG8
Episode 4: Role Call: The Seven Roles of the President Students learn about the seven main roles of our president and the responsibilities attached to each one.

Discussion Questions
Activity Scenarios Graphic Organizer

Episode 5: Narrowing the Field Host Bill Nigut underscores the purpose of primaries and caucuses, gives details on Georgia’s open primary, and discusses why the state has chosen to participate in the SEC primary. Discussion Questions Hold Your Own Primary
Journey to the White House
Episode 6: Party Over Here, Party Over There Provides a breakdown of political parties, the different types of party systems, and the overall ideological differences between Democrats and Republicans.

Discussion Questions Party Over Here Activity
Party Over Here Task

Mini Episode: Campaign Update Campaign Update Inform students about what’s going on in the 2016 presidential election before Super Tuesday with this quick mini episode of On the Campaign Trail with Bill Nigut. Discussion Questions SSCG8