On Thursday, December 17, you’ll have the opportunity to say goodbye to Downton Abbey in grand style. That’s the day we’re throwing our annual premiere gala screening for the show.

Dubbed An Evening at Downton Abbey, it promises to be the biggest gala yet as it kicks off final season 6!

We’re holding it at the 200 Peachtree in downtown Atlanta. Our special guest speaker is Jessica Fellowes - yes THAT Jessica Fellowes, the author of several behind the scenes “Downton Abbey” books AND the niece of the show creator Julian Fellowes.

Jessica is a charming and amazing speaker. I had the pleasure of interviewing her about the show three years ago ahead of her appearance at the Downton Abbey themed weekend at the Sea Island Island Resort. She had many insights to share. I am sure she will have more. You can listen to the interview here by the way.

Snap up your tickets here! We look forward to seeing you there and be sure to sure to wear your “Downton” best!

An Evening at Downton - Season 6 Preview Event from GPB Creative Services on Vimeo

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