“Awkward”! That’s how several people in the live chatroom described the situations playing out on “Downton Abbey” season 5 so far. What word will you use to describe tonight’s episode? Let’s live chat about “Downton Abbey" season 5 episode 7 tonight and you can share it.

Episode 6 seemed to be brimming with awkward moments: Sir Charles Blake taking Lady Mary to dinner to meet with Mabel Lane Fox (unbeknownst to both of them); Bates finding Lady Mary’s birth control in Anna’s box and assuming it belonged to her; Lady Mary celebrating her haircut, ignoring Lady Edith’s grief over Gregson’s true fate.

And how about Thomas showing his infected bum to Baxter in order to reveal what his injections were doing to him?

Yes, awkward!

I suspect more of these moments are coming in episode 7. Lady Edith left us with a major cliffhanger by finally snatching up her daughter and fleeing to London. Will she come back to Downton and announce to the assembled dinner party guests that her “goddaughter” Marigold is really her child?

If that happens, I would say the word of the night is “bold.”

Look forward to talking to you at 9 p.m. online.

Live Blog Downton Abbey Season 5 Watch Party Live Chat 2/15/2015 @ 9 p.m.