Alastair Bruce, the historical advisor for "Downton Abbey", dubbed "The Oracle" for his precision, headlined what turned out to be the most extravagant premiere gala Georgia Public Broadcasting has thrown for the show's upcoming season yet. And we have pictures to prove it! (Scroll down to see them and the full photo gallery.)

This year fans viewed the first episode of season five at the fabulous Fox Theatre then reveled at the venue's Egyptian ballroom at a 1920s themed after party Lady Rose would have approved of. They also literally took big bites out of a Dowager Countess cake that really looked like Lady Violet.

Alastair Bruce made the night. He delighted with an entertaining, photo and fact filled presentation about how he ensures the show gets Britain's past right.

Bruce was no stuffed shirt, quite the opposite! He was animated, whimsical and smart. The glee and pride he takes in what he does emanated from him. Before and after the presentation, he was generous in greeting and taking pictures with as many fans as possible. (I even spotted him pressing the flesh with lingering fans as the wait staff cleaned up.)

In addition to warming us up for season five, Mr. Bruce promoted his new special "The Manners of Downton Abbey" which airs January 4 at 11 p.m. right after the series premiere.

Look out for more blogs posts about the gala, what Mr. Bruce shared that night and my interview with him where he answered your fan questions. Thank you for submitting them!

And thank you Mr. Bruce for showing us Americans what it means to have a wonderful time.

Without further adieu, here are photos from the night for your enjoyment! If you attended, share with us what you thought of the event.

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