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Spoiler Alert!: Warning if you haven’t watched Downton Abbey episode 3 don't read this recap! Instead, press play on the player to watch the episode first. Then proceed below to the mini highlight "reel" in words of what happened last night.

Last night's episode went by so fast, everyone in the the chatroom said "too soon" once the preview for episode four flicked on. We were definitely left hanging. Conflicts were still left unresolved and new love was sparked. In fact episode 3 was all about couples. Watch episode 3 below and tell me what you think.

Episode 3 Part 1


Episode 3 Part 2


Episode 3 Part 3


Episode 3 Part 4


What Happened Last? A Recap in Words. It was all About the Couples

Anna and Bates:

It was hard to watch the aftermath of Anna’s sexual assault. Our favorite lady’s maid continued not to tell Bates what happened and pushed him away further emotionally and physically. (She even opted to move back to Downton Abbey under the guise of helping out the house due to Edna’s resignation… more on that later.) Poor Bates remained pained and perplexed as to why his wife was giving him the cold shoulder and what he had done wrong to cause it.

Edna and Tom:

Haven gotten Tom drunk and slipped into his room for a night of passion, Edna was sure she had a fast ticket into the Crawley clan. She would convince Tom that she was pregnant and force him to marry him. But Tom turned to the ever resourceful Mrs. Hughes and thanks to her detective work (she should do a guest spot on "Sherlock"!), the plot was uncovered and foiled. Mrs. Hughes discovered Edna’s “how not to get pregnant” and threatened to reveal her machinations to Cora. Edna resigned quietly.

Lady Mary and Lord Gillingham:

Lord Tony Gillingham turned out to be Lady Mary's “stalker” - albeit a tall, dark and handsome one so she didn’t seem to mind. Encouraged by Robert and Cora, Gillingham followed Mary to London for a night of jazz “clubbing” with her family. Then he secretly returned on the same train she was on to Downton Abbey. Finally, Lord Tony lay his cards on the table outright by asking Mary to marry him. A taken aback Lady Mary turned him down saying she was not over Matthew yet. (We completely get it!) Before leaving with his shattered heart, Lord Tony gave Mary a goodbye kiss she’ll remember for the rest of her natural days!

Jack Ross and Lady Rose:

At the jazz club, Lady Rose’s dance partner, Sir John Bullock, got a bit too fresh and drunk on the dance floor. While the family decided the best action was to get a table and sit down and let the two “lovebirds’ figure it out themselves, jazz singer Jack Ross, technically on duty, on stage singing decided to come to the rescue. He rushed to her aid cutting into the horrible dance.
At that point, the family woke up. They sent Tom to save her from the clutches of the below their station and black crooner.

Edith and Mr. Gregson:

Edith decided to spend some unchaperoned time with Mr. Gregson at his flat. Apparently his only plans were to stay in with her and she passionately agreed, forgetting that though she was channeling her inner Jessica Bradshaw, it was still the 1920s. She snuck back to her Aunt Rosamund’s house at 6 a.m. but was discovered by a servant. An immensely displeased Rosamund chewed her out.