Image courtesy ITV

The trailer for Downton Abbey season 4 is out and by the looks of things there is much mourning and kissing to be had this go round. Off the top we witness a tender, kinder Dowager countess counseling a despairing lady Mary.

“You have a straightforward choice.” Violet tells her. “You much choose either death or life.”

“You think I should choose life?” Mary says. Violet quietly nods.

It’s such a gentle tone we’ve never quite seen the usually feisty and stiff upper lipped Dowager use before that it brings goosebumps. Violet isn’t the only shoulder Mary is given to cry on. Carson is seen giving her a hug.

Meanwhile Branson offers a consoling hand to Isobel at the dinner table.

As per this first look, the rest of the season seems to be filled with romance. It’s a dizzying montage of couples kissing and dancing so quickly that we can’t identify the paramours. Who was Daisy paired off with? Wait was Rose trying to kiss Tom AND dancing with Jack Ross? Is Edith smooching with her editor? And why aren’t Bates and Anna in a lip lock? Who’s the guy Anna is smiling at and Bates is glaring at?

Check out the trailer for yourselves below and join me speculating. Also here's what the cast has revealed about season 4. Don't worry no major spoilers are outed.

Downton Abbey season 4 premieres in Britain this month. New episodes hit the states
January 5, 2014.