Kalena Boller hosts the GPB podcast, The Credits. In it, she meets the people who work behind the scenes in Georgia's multibillion dollar film industry, which now hosts the most feature-film productions in the world. After graduating from Howard University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film, Kalena moved to Atlanta and jumped right into the industry. Kalena got her first post-graduate on-set opportunity in June 2005 as an unpaid intern for a T-Payne music video. Kalena impressed the production staff so much that her unpaid internship turned into a paid Production Assistant gig on day one. Thirteen years later, Kalena has racked up over 40 credits to her name, and is one of the Southeast’s most trusted Locations Department crew members. Her other credits include AMC's The Walking Dead and FOX's Star. She just completed working on the feature film SEXTUPLETS, set to release on NETFLIX in 2019.