Meet the families that grow, cook, and sell one of Georgia’s top commodities.

Pecan and Peanut Perfection A Fork in the Road

Premiered March 26, 2021
Pecan and Peanut Perfection

In Georgia, we have a lot of nuts. We are the top producer of both pecans and peanuts. This episode will introduce us to the families across Georgia that grow, cook, and sell this special Georgia Grown bounty.

About the Program

A Fork in the Road

"A Fork in the Road" features Georgia's farmers, retailers, artisans, chefs and other key players who help provide Georgia Grown products to folks in the Peach State and beyond. We learn all about the origins of these businesses, how they operate and what it takes to succeed. Viewers will get an honest and realistic picture of how food and agricultural products are grown and made in Georgia.

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