As the country heads into the November 2024 election, Georgia remains in the national spotlight. Its status as a “battleground state” means candidates and their surrogates will likely make several trips to the Peach State as they try to win your vote.

Historically, news organizations' coverage of these visits by candidates tends to report on what politicians had to say and to whom they said it — aka “horse race coverage.”

GPB’s coverage for 2024 will be more focused on YOU, the voters. It’s part of our commitment to share stories that reflect the cities and towns that make up Georgia.

To help in this effort, GPB will be working with America Amplified, an organization partnering with public media newsrooms across the nation to more deeply engage the communities we serve.

To help us tell community-driven stories, we need your help.

What would you like to ask the candidates and what issues matter most to you?

Please take a few minutes and fill out our voter survey on the GPB News elections page.

As part of that survey, you can share with us what your top three issues are as you decide who to vote for. Your answers will help us identify and cover those issues and, ultimately, create a congressional voter guide where candidates will be asked the questions you want answered.

Our goal is to hear from as many people in Georgia as possible, so thank you in advance!

America Amplified is hosted by WFYI in Indianapolis and funded by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to support community engagement journalism.