LISTEN: This week on Georgia in Play, host Leah Fleming brings experts from around the state to discuss the latest stories in both physical and mental health.

Georgia In Play

This week's episode of Georgia In Play episode talks about wellness in our mind, body, and soul.

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Highlights from the show:

Back-to-school season brings a rise in COVID numbers

Host Leah Fleming speaks with Georgia Public Broadcasting senior health care reporter Ellen Eldridge about rising COVID numbers, a new vaccine to combat RSV, and how you can stay healthy heading into the fall.


Rural hospitals provide lifelines to communities

Over the past 15 years, eight rural hospitals have closed in Georgia. This year, a new federal program is giving them an option to help them stay open. By converting to a Rural Emergency Hospital, existing rural hospitals commit to changing their model of care, with a focus on emergency medicine, in exchange for federal funding. GPB's rural health reporter Sofi Gratas helps us understand this important lifeline.


Georgia's newest resource for suicide prevention

September is National Suicide Awareness month. Kristen Petillo of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention spoke about how we can change our language around the topic.

*Please reach out to 988 if you or someone you know is in crisis.


UGA professor wraps up a mental health clinic for Latinx communities

Dr. Edward Delgado-Romero, professor of Counseling Psychology in the College of Education at UGA

Dr. Edward Delgado-Romero is an associate dean and professor of Counseling Psychology in the Early College of Education at UGA.

Dr. Edward Delgado-Romero first spoke with Leah in 2018 on a University of Georgia program meant to offer free counseling from bilingual graduate students to underserved communities. With the program in its seventh and final year, Delgado-Romero speaks about what his team has accomplished.


Hope Givers

After losing a friend to suicide, Hope Givers founder Tamlin Hall decided to create a space for teenagers to talk to each other about mental health and self-care. Hall spoke with us about the importance of trusted adults in these teens' lives.


Is laughter the best medicine?

According to Middle Georgia comedian Patricia Forehand, it is. She retired from 30 years of teaching and took on a second career as a stand-up comedian. She speaks with Leah on pursuing your passions.


Balancing healthy eating with happy eating

Leah Fleming and Agatha Achindu

Host Leah Fleming and nutritionist Agatha Achindu met to discuss her new cookbook.

While we might want to eat healthier, the drive-thru just seems so much easier and cheaper. But nutritionist Agatha Achindu says healthy eating at home can be just as quick and satisfying. Check out her recipes in her new book, Bountiful Cooking

Agatha Achindu's home-cooked meal

Agatha Achindu's home-cooked meal.

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