Justice Kennedy's retirement causes a Supreme Court shakeup: asset-mezzanine-16x9

Americans await the Supreme Court's final rulings of the term.

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The panel:

Anthony Michael Kreis, @AnthonyMKreis, professor of law, Georgia State University

Fred Smith, @fredosmithjr, professor of constitutional law, Emory University

Jim Galloway, former political columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tanya Washington, @AskProfW, professor of law, Georgia State University


The breakdown:

1. People eagerly await the rest of the Supreme Court's decisions this term. 

  • The court already rejected the independent legislature theory.
  • The American people patiently await decisions about student loans, LGBTQ rights and affirmative action.
  • Professor Fred Smith, who clerked for the Supreme Court, says we see such a delay in rulings because of different writings and dissenting opinions.
    • The court winds down its term in June.


2. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is interviewed by federal investigators. 

  • Raffensperger was thrust into the national spotlight in 2020 after former President Trump called him and asked him to find more than 11,000 votes. 
  • DOJ investigators also reached out to Chris Harvey, who was the director of elections at this time.


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