Stop Cop City Presser

Lawyer with the NAACP Legal Defense Fund speaks at 'Stop Cop City' presser.

Credit: Amanda Andrews / GPB News

The panel: 

Eric Tanenblatt, Republican insider, @ericjtanenblatt

Greg Bluestein, political reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution@bluestein

Kendra King Momon, professor of political science and interim provost, Oglethorpe University

Melita Easters, founder and executive director, Georgia WIN List, @melitaeasters


The breakdown:

1. Chris Licht is out as CNN's CEO.

  •  Licht served as CEO for just one year. 

    • He came under fire for hosting a town hall with former President Trump. 

2. Next steps for opponents of the planned Atlanta Police Training Center. 

LISTEN: Melita Easters speaks on the next steps for opponents of the training center.

3. Move to shut out mainstream Republicans ahead of the Georgia GOP convention. 

  • The AJC reports that there’s going to be an effort to pass a measure that will stop "Republican In Name Only" “traitors” from qualifying for office. 
  • The measure is likely to get blocked in the rules committee.

LISTEN: Eric Tanenblatt speaks on the current rift in the Republican Party.

4. On the national stage, former Vice President Mike Pence announces his run for president.

5. A high-profile group of Black speakers will be featured at a national conference calling for reparations that convenes in Atlanta.

  • Among other issues, the conference will address the disparities around accumulation of generational wealth in Black families.

    •  A task force in California forwarded to the state assembly a plan they approved to provide reparations to Black Californians.
  • Some of Georgia's Democrats have advanced the idea including Stacey Abrams and U.S. Rep. Nikema Williams. 

LISTEN: Kendra King Momon speaks on reparations.

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