Atlanta Police Deparment Hiring

The panel:

Edward Lindsey, State Election Board member and former Atlanta state representative, @edlindsey14

Sen. Kim Jackson, (D) Stone Mountain, @KimforGeorgia

Patricia Murphy, political reporter and columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, @MurphyAJC

Shannon McCaffrey, political reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, @shannonajc1


The breakdown:

1. Gov. Brian Kemp takes a direct shot at former President Donald Trump. 

  • Kemp criticized Trump for posting a message congratulating Kim Jung Un for being appointed to the World Health Organization executive board.

    • This comes just days before Trump will be the headline speaker at the state GOP convention.
  • Kemp, former Vice President Mike Pence and other high-profile Republican leaders are not attending.
    • But some far-right figures including Kandiss Taylor and Kari Lake will attend.

LISTEN: Kim Jackson and Ed Lindsey talk about the state of their respective parties.

2. Atlanta's City Council to vote on funding for a controversial police training center.

  • Extra security is planned for Monday when council members are expected to vote on whether to fund a proposed police training center. 

    • Proponents say a training center is needed.
    • Both environmental and social activists say the city has not been transparent in the process.
  • A lease-back agreement for the city could more than double the cost for the training center.   

LISTEN: Kim Jackson speaks on the controversies ahead of the vote of the planned Atlanta police training center.

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