Logo for OpenAI the makers of ChatGPT

File/The logo for OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, appears on a mobile phone.

Credit: Richard Drew/AP

The panelist

Paul Root Wolpe, Director Center for Ethics, Emory University                       

The breakdown: 

1. How could AI be used to derail campaigns in 2024? 

  • Professor Paul Root Wolpe says Artificial Intellegence could lead to the average voter. 

    • He adds devious campaigns could use deep fakes.
  • Wolpe says a rise in deep fakes, may lead to extended trust in legacy news outlets. 


2. What are big concerns everyday people have about ChatGPT?

  • Wolpe says he fields questions about terrorism, and scams on a daily. 

  • He also adds that the software itself can be racially biased. 


3. How will AI affect the job market? 

Wolpe explains how the AI revolution will be different from the Industrial Revolution.

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