We turn inward for a conversation about what journalists can learn ahead of covering the 2024 elections. Credit: FILE

The panel

Heather Hendershot, author, professor of media studies MIT, @ProfHendershot

Kevin Riley, editor at large, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, @ajceditor

Matt Brown, democracy reporter, The Washington Post, @mrbrownsir


The breakdown: 

1. Editor-at-Large Kevin Riley sets up how the news media landscape has changed.

LISTEN: Kevin Riley speaks on the changing media landscape.

2. Heather Hendershot comments on the backlash that CNN got for its town hall with former President Donald Trump.

  • Hendershot talks about the long history of Americans doubting media figures in her book When the News Broke.

LISTEN: Heather Hendershot speaks on CNN's town hall

3. Matt Brown talks about balancing figures in Georgia's political landscape.

LISTEN: Matt Brown talks about covering false statements from polarizing figures in Georgia's political landscape.

4. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to announce his candidacy later today with Twitter's CEO Elon Musk. 

  • DeSantis is not the only Republican candidate to announce a campaign this week, if that is his plan.
  • South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott also launched a bid for the White House in his home state on Monday.

LISTEN: Brown speaks on Ron DeSantis' upcoming announcement.

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