Cody Hall

Cody Hall, Senior Advisor to Gov. Brian Kemp, discusses what is ahead.

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The panel:

Cody Hall, senior adviser to Gov. Brian Kemp, @CodyHallGA

Greg Bluestein, political reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution@bluestein


The breakdown:

1. Many Georgians wonder about Kemp's plans for 2024.

  • A new poll from Landmark Communications shows Donald Trump is the front-runner among conservative voters in Georgia. 

    • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis follows in popularity and Kemp trails both of them.

      • Neither DeSantis nor Kemp have announced a presidential run in 2024.

LISTEN: Cody Hall opens up on Kemp's ambitions for 2024.

2. Kemp on the GOP moving past Trump. 

LISTEN: Cody Hall on the future of the Republican Party.

3. Kemp makes headlines for exercising vetoes. 

  • The Republican governor has vetoed at least 14 bills the General Assembly passed during this year’s legislative session.
  • He also vetoed nine line items in the $32.4 billion fiscal 2024 state budget.

Hall talks about the decision making surrounding the state's budget.

4. Kemp will travel to Israel later this week. 

  • Kemp will depart on the economic mission this weekend.
  • The governor also visited Davos, Switzerland, earlier this year.

LISTEN: Hall on the governor's planned trip to Israel.

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