Today's panel takes a look at solutions to gun safety. Credit:FILE

The panel:

Kevin Riley, editor at large, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution@ajceditor

Dr. Mark Rosenberg, former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention employee, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control 

Maureen Downey, education columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, @AJCGetSchooled 

Rep. Michelle Au, (D) Johns Creek, @AuforGA


The breakdown:

1. Guns are the leading cause of death for U.S. children and teens.

  • The CDC reports gun-related deaths have surpassed deaths related to car accidents.
  • Firearms accounted for nearly 19% of childhood deaths (ages 1-18) in 2021.


2. Where Georgia laws stand when it comes to gun laws.

  • In 2022, Georgia lawmakers passed permitless carry. It allows people to carry a gun without a license. 
  • Rep. Michelle Au, says she tried to pass a safe storage bill last session. 
    • But she is hopeful to try to get the bill passed next we are the first year of the biennial session. 

Michelle Au speaks on her goals for the next legislative session.

3. How can data drive solutions to gun control?

  • In April, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signs into law a bill aimed at making public schools safer.

    • The measure requires Georgia schools to hold annual drills on responding to campus shooters.


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