Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, left, speaks as he stands with Kevin Guthrie, director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, during a news conference, Monday, Sept. 26, 2022, in Largo, Fla. DeSantis was keeping residents updated on the track of Hurricane Ian.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, seen here during a September 2022 news conference, signed a six-week abortion ban similar to Georgia's into law this week.

Credit: AP Photo/Chris O'Meara

The panel: 

Daniel Rivero, investigative reporter and co-host of The Florida Roundup, WLRN, @TooMuchMe

Jim Galloway, retired columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, @JimJournalist 

Tia Mitchell, Washington correspondent, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution@ajconwashington

Tim Craig, national correspondent based in Florida, The Washington Post@timcraigpost


The breakdown:

1. Florida's governor signs six-week abortion ban.

  • Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill approved by the Republican-dominated Florida Legislature.
  • Georgia already has a six-week abortion ban.

LISTEN: Tim Craig on Florida's abortion law passing.

2. What pathway does DeSantis have to beating Donald Trump?

  • Pro-Trump SuperPAC launches ads against DeSantis, who has not announced an official run yet for 2024.

  • Questions about DeSantis' readiness for the national stage come after his controversial comments on Ukraine. 

LISTEN: Danny Rivero comments on the rise of Ron DeSantis.

3. In what ways are Georgia and Florida similar? 

  • Both states have similar laws regarding abortion and teaching so-called "divisive" concepts in schools.
  • But in recent years, Georgia has grown more purple than red. 

LISTEN: Tia Mitchell talks similarities and differences between the two states.

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