In a column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Rev. Bernice King called on city leaders to rethink the planned Atlanta police training center. Credit: File

The panel

Leo Smith, @leosmithtweets, political analyst and president, Engaged Futures

Meg Kinnard, @MegKinnardAP, national politics reporter, The Associated Press

State Sen. Sonya Halpern (D), @SonyaHalpern_, 39th District

Tamar Hallerman, @TamarHallerman, senior reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


The breakdown

1. Rev. Bernice King spoke out against the planned Atlanta police training center.

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2. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis calls attacks from Donald Trump "ridiculous".

  • After his arrest in New York, Trump maintained his phone call to Brad Raffensperger was "perfect." He's attacked Willis and New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg, calling the latter an "animal" and a "racist."
  • The Republican-led House Judiciary Committee announced a visit to New York in order to confront Bragg on an alleged effort to ignore violent crime.
    • Since 2000, violent crime is down in New York City. You can find statistics from 2000 to present here.


3. The Department of Justice asked to pause Texas' mifepristone ruling.

  • The DOJ requested an extension on the week-long period ruled by Texas federal Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk so they can stage a more effective appeal.
  • A Washington federal judge immediately followed the Texas decision with an order that blocked the FDA from changing the drug's availability in 17 states.
  • Georgia's "Heartbeat Bill" is still under review by the state Supreme Court.


4. One Tennessee lawmaker has been reinstated after the legislature expelled him Thursday.

  • Nashville's Metro Council voted to reinstate freshman Democrat Rep. Justin Jones as an interim legislator in his own seat. Jones, along with fellow freshman Rep. Justin Pearson, were expelled from the body after their participation in a pro-gun control protest.

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