Kevin Riley

Kevin Riley announces his retirement from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Credit: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution/BEN@BENGRAY.COM

The panelist:

Kevin Riley, editor-in-chief, @ajceditorThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution 


The breakdown: 

Riley announced his retirement from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Thursday. His tenure as editor-in-chief runs a dozen years, but his career under Cox Media spans decades. 

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Riley guided his team through covering big stories such as the efforts to undermine Georgia’s 2020 election results and the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal. But he calls the pandemic the toughest story he's ever covered. 

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Leroy Chapman, a Navy veteran who joined the paper in 2011 and has a 28-year history as a journalist, will replace Riley to become the first Black editor of the newspaper in its 155-year history.

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