Representative Deborah Silcox (R- Sandy Springs) presenting HB 500 on House Floor

The Georgia House of Representatives in March 2023

Credit: Georgia House of Representatives Live Broadcast

The panel:

Greg Bluestein, @bluestein, political reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Meg Kinnard, @MegKinnardAP, National politics reporter, Associated Press

Rahul Bali, @rahulbali, politics reporter, WABE

Rene Alegria, CEO, Mundo Now


The breakdown:

1. House rejects boost to Hope Scholarship. 

  • Gov. Brian Kemp's $32.5B budget proposal seeks to boost funding for the HOPE scholarship.

    • The House voted down a version of the budget last week that would 100% fund the scholarship.
    • Kemp also wants to get rid of the two-tier award system.
  • The idea faces opposition from Republicans who don't want to remove the incentive for students with a 3.7 GPA or higher.
  • You can learn more about the budget on GPB's Lawmakers

LISTEN: Greg Bluestein speaks on Gov. Brian Kemp's influence over the HOPE Scholarship.

2. Mental health bill faces opposition. 

  • The House wants to build on last year's mental health omnibus bill by adding more mental health workers. 
  • Conservative activists are also once again pushing state senators to reject the bill, raising concerns about the lack of clear definitions.

LISTEN: Rahul Bali lays out the mental health landscape of Georgia.

3. Two years since the Atlanta spa shootings. 

  • It has been a year since a white man went on a murderous rampage in Atlanta and its suburbs, killing eight people, six of them Asian women.
  • President Biden issued an executive order on guns yesterday, but can't get much done without Congress.

LISTEN: Bali speaks on the spa shootings.

4. Nikki Haley proposes raising the retirement age.

  •  Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is proposing changes to entitlement programs for younger generations.

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