The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments as it decides on the Biden administration's student loan relief plan.

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments as it decides on the Biden administration's student loan relief plan. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

The panel 

Alan Abramowitz, @AlanIAbramowitz, professor emeritus of political science, Emory University

Charles Bullock, professor of political science University of Georgia

Matt Brown, @mrbrownsir, democracy reporter, The Washington Post

Tamar Hallerman, @TamarHallerman, senior reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


The breakdown 

1. Supreme Court weighs Biden's student loan forgiveness plan

  • Six Republican-led states are seeking to permanently block the plan.
  • They argue that the Biden administration had the power to pause payments during the pandemic, but not modify their plain to cancel up to $20,000 for disadvantaged borrowers. 
  • The case could affect 16 million Americans, including 1 million Georgians who have applied for Biden's program.
    • More than 600,000 Georgians have been approved for Biden's debt relief program.

      •  You can take a look at how student loans affect our state on Twitter below. 


2. Buckhead Cityhood bills advance.

  • Senate Bills 113 and 114 cleared a Senate committee on Monday and could reach a full vote later this week.
  •  Neither Gov. Brian Kemp or Speaker Jon Burns have offered comments on the issue.
  • Critics of the movement say legislators pushing forward the legislation aren't a part of the Atlanta metro area. They also add that residents of the city's whitest, most affluent area trying to pull out of Atlanta won't solve crime.

LISTEN: Matt Brown on the "Buckhead City" movement.

3. Talking to the foreperson of the Fulton County special grand jury. 

  • Emily Kohrs went on a media blitz, talking about the investigation into President Trump and his allies to overturn Georgia's 2020 election.
  •  Unlike federal cases, you can talk about grand jury proceedings on a state level.
  • But Tamar Hallerman says Kohrs may have gotten ahead of herself. 

LISTEN: Tamar Hallerman on the Fulton County special grand jury's forewoman.

4.  Obama launches new initiative to help local politicians. 

  • Matt Brown reports The Change Collective wants to create a network of local leaders. 
  • It will launch in three cities, including Chicago, Ill.; Jackson, Miss.; and Detriot, Mich.

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