The panel: 

Amy Steigerwalt, @DrSteigerwalt, professor of political science, Georgia State University

Rep. David Wilkerson, @repdwilkerson, (D) Powder Springs

Edward Lindsey, @edlindsey14, former state legislator and member state election board

Shannon McCaffery, @shannonajc1, reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


The breakdown: 

1. Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene gets two big committee assignments in Washington, D.C. 

  • Greene was appointed to the House Oversight and Accountability Committee and the Homeland Security Committee.

    • The big assignments come after her loyalty to Speaker Kevin McCarthy during the 15 rounds of votes it took to get him to the position. 
  • Just two years ago, Greene was stripped of her committee assignments for her extremist remarks. 

2. Gov. Brian Kemp boosts Georgia's businesses on a world stage. 

  • Kemp touted Georgia's economic success at the World Ecnomic Forum in Switzerland. 
  • He also addressed Georgia's lawmakers via Zoom as he explained his plans for the $32.5B budget. 

LISTEN: Rep. David Wilkerson speaks on the importance of health care.


3. Georgia leaders in Washington and the Georgia Assembly propose a flat tax. 

LISTEN: Amy Steigerwalt talks about how taxes on other goods could rise if we go to a flat tax.

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