The panel: 

Kevin Riley, @ajceditor, editor-in-chief, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Leo Smith,@leosmithtweets, Republican consultant, CEO, Engaged Futures


The breakdown: 

1. Gov. Brian Kemp prepares to take office for his second term as governor of Georgia. 

  • Kemp begins his term as Georgia's 83rd governor. 

    • He will be sworn into office again after winning the 2022 election by a bigger margin than he did in 2018. 
  • Kemp will again have a united government with Republicans controlling both chambers of the General Assembly.


2. Kemp has made big changes since his 2018 campaign. 

  • Kemp held office as secretary of state before becoming governor. 

    • Many wonder if he'll seek a higher office after his second and final term as governor. 

LISTEN: Leo Smith comments on Brian Kemp's evolution as a politician.

3. Several other constitutional officers will also be sworn in today. 

  • The GOP won every statewide constitutional office during the midterms. 
  • Today, incumbents Brad Raffensperger, Chris Carr, John King, and Richard Woods will be sworn in. 
    • They will be sworn in as secretary of state, attorney general, insurance commissioner, and state superintendent, respectively. 
  • Burt Jones will be sworn in today as lieutenant governor. He will be the president of Georgia's Senate. 


Thursday at 2 p.m.: We are back for a double dose of Political Rewind. GPB's Stephen Fowler will join us to break down the governor's speech.