Governor Kemp signs bill

Gov. Brian Kemp says he wouldn't support Democrats' plan to move Georgia's presidential primary earlier in the cycle.

Credit: File Photo

The panel

Andra Gillespie, @AndraGillespie, professor of political science, Emory University

Audrey Haynes, professor of political science, University of Georgia

Chuck Kuck, @ckuck, immigration attorney

Kevin Riley, @ajceditor, editor-in-chief, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


The breakdown

1. Gov. Brian Kemp opposes Democrats' effort to move up Georgia's presidential primary.

LISTEN: Audrey Haynes on Georgia's presidential primaries.

2. Rep. Kevin McCarthy continues his bid for Speaker of the House for the third day.

  • McCarthy's path has been blocked by 21 House Republicans through six failed votes.

    • Republicans hold control of the House by only four votes.
  • At a bipartisan appearance in Kentucky, President Biden said the failure to elect a speaker was another attack on American institutions. 

LISTEN: Andra Gillespie on the history of House Speaker elections.

3. The U.S. Supreme Court allowed Title 42 to stand for now.

  • Title 42, a public health measure, allows Border Patrol to turn back migrants seeking asylum in the United State if they deem the migrant to be a public health risk.

LISTEN: Chuck Kuck on the history of Title 42.

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