The panel:

Andra Gillespie, @AndraGillespie, political science professor and director, James Weldon Johnson Institute for Race and Difference, Emory University

Kevin Riley, @ajceditor, editor-in-chief, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Stephen Fowler, @stphnfwlr, political reporter, GPB News


The breakdown:

1. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger proposes ending the runoff system. 

LISTEN: Professor Andra Gillespie peaks on the racial origins of runoff elections.

2. Stacey Abrams says she's open to running again in future elections. 

  • Abrams made the comments on Good Morning America
  • She also talked about Black voter turnout. 

3. Texts between Mark Meadows and Georgia Republicans show sharing of unfounded conspiracy theories.

  • The text exchanges were part of a remarkable cache of 2,319 messages that Meadows turned over to the U.S. House committee investigating the Januarty 6th attacks on the capitol.
  • State Sen. Marty Harbin, R-Tyrone, sent Meadows a series of texts some included theories that Italy's government manipulated the results. 


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