The panel:

Donna Lowry, @donnalowrynews, host, Lawmakers, GPB-TV

Rene Alegria, CEO, Mundo Now

Riley Bunch@ribunchreports, public policy reporter, GPB News

Tia Mitchell, @ajconwashington, Washington reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


The breakdown: 

1. Where did Herschel Walker's turnout fall short? 

  • Looking at data from the secretary of state's office, we see that Sen. Raphael Warnock led Walker by more than 37,000 votes in the November election. 

    • During Tuesday's contest, Walker ended up gaining ground and winning by 95,000 votes. 
  • Walker's gains during the monthlong runoff were due largely in part to record turnout. 
    • More than 1.9 million people voted before Dec. 6, and 1.4 million voted on runoff election day. 


2. What does Walker's loss say about candidate quality?

  • The former pro athlete faced questions about abuse of his ex-wife, additional children, and exaggerations of the success of his businesses,.
  • Walker’s defeat bookends the GOP’s struggles this year to win with flawed candidates cast from Trump’s mold.


3. State legislature and top executive offices still controlled by Republicans. 

  • Statewide, the GOP won all its executive offices by a wide margin. 
  • Gov. Brian Kemp established himself on the national stage by winning his bid for reelection.
  • The state legislature will remain under the control of Republicans in both the Georgia Senate and House of Representatives.

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4. Sheree Ralston qualifies to fill the district seat held by her late husband. 

  • Ralston, the widow of the late Georgia House Speaker David Ralston, became the first to qualify for his 7th District House seat.

    • She is not seeking the speakership. 
  • She's the executive director of the Fannin County Development Authority, which focuses on economic development and workforce training. 


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