The panel 

Audrey Haynes, professor of political science, University of Georgia

Chauncey Alcorn, @CLamontLives,  reporter, Capital B

Robin Morris, @ProRoMo, professor of history, Agnes Scott College & author, “Goldwater Girls to Reagan Women”

Tamar Hallerman, @TamarHallerman,  senior reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


1. Justice Clarence Thomas issued a temporary order preventing Sen. Lindsey Graham from having to testify in the Georgia election interference probe.

LISTEN: Tamar Hallerman breaks down what the Supreme Court's decision means for Sen. Lindsey Graham.

2. The Fulton probe benefits from findings in January 6th committee. 

LISTEN: Tamar Hallerman explains the witnesses whom the January 6th committee has uncovered.

3. Judge Robert McBurney says he'll likely rule on the fate of Georgia's abortion law after the election. 


4. Hyundai plant expected to break ground today in Bryan County. 

  • Gov. Brian Kemp will attend a ribbon-cutting for the massive plant.

    • The $5.5B factory is set to open in 2025 and produce 300,000 vehicles a year.

LISTEN: Chauncey Alcorn speaks on the power of the incumbency.

5. Fair Fight Action spent millions on voting rights lawsuit.

  • Polticio reports, the voting rights organization founded by Stacey Abrams spent more than $25 million over two years on legal fees.

LISTEN: Tamar Hallerman speaks on if this story is too far into the weeds for voters.


Wednesday on Political Rewind: GPB's Riley Bunch joins the panel.