The panel: 

Donna Lowry, @donnalowrynews, host, GPB-TV’s Lawmakers

Greg Bluestein, @bluestein,  political reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Stephen Fowler, @stphnfwlr, political reporter, GPB News



1. Who was sampled in this poll?

  • The poll surveyed 1,030 registered Georgians who said they were likely to vote this November.
  • The poll surveyed 63% of white voters, 29 percent Black voters, and 7% of voters that identify as other. 
  • The poll also surveyed 50% Republicans, 42% Democrats, and 7% independents. 


2. The Senate race appears to be in a dead heat. 

  • Incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker appear to be tied in the race for the Senate. 
  • Libertarian Chase Oliver has gained 4% of the vote, preventing either candidate from reaching the 50% needed to prevent a runoff. 
  • This poll was largely conducted before the twin scandals of Walker allegedly paying for his ex-girlfriend's abortion and his adult son denouncing his campaign. 
U.S. Senator GA

3. Gov. Kemp leads Abrams by double-digit numbers in new poll. 

  • Kemp has a 51% lead in this poll, but factoring in the margin of error it is possible that the race could go into a runoff. 
  • On the issues majority of Georgians agree with Abrams' stances on abortion, legal gambling and constitutional carry. 


GA Governor poll
GPB Remote Media

Donna Lowry speaks on Abrams' ability to mobilize the electorate.


4. In down-ballot races incumbents and republicans lead. 

  • GPB's Stephen Fowler explains the down-ballot dynamic. 

Fowler on what is driving trends in down-ballot races.

Read Stephen Fowler's full analysis of the poll results here.


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