The panel: 

Chuck Williams, @chuckwilliams, reporter, WRBL-TV Columbus

Maya King, @mayaaking, politics reporter, The New York Times

Tamar Hallerman,@TamarHallerman, senior reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Tammy Greer, political science professor, Clark Atlanta University


The breakdown:

1. Woman claims Herschel Walker paid for her abortion. 


2.  Herschel Walker's adult son denounces his campaign. 

  • Christian Walker, a conservative social media personality in his own right, has come out against his dad's campaign.
  • In a storm of tweets, the younger Walker claims that Herschel Walker was violent towards him and his mother, Cindy Grossman. 
    • Grossman is featured in an anti-Walker ad where she says the elder Walker held a gun to her head. 

3. Sen. Raphael Warnock stays on message in wake of revelations. 

LISTEN: Maya King speaks on Warnock's strategy.


4. The Abrams campaign accuses the Kemp campaign of intentionally darkening skin in political ad. 

  • Clark Atlanta's Tammy Greer explains the trope. 

LISTEN: Tammy Greer talks race in politics.

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