Governor Kemp signs bill

Gov. Brian Kemp signs the state's restrictive abortion ban in 2019. Business leaders say the ban puts them at a competitive disadvantage.

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The panel

Andra Gillespie, @AndraGillespie, professor of political science, Emory University

Kevin Riley, @ajceditor, editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Rafael Olavarria, @RafaelOlavarria, fact checker, Factchequeado

Tanya Washington, @AskProfW, professor of law, Georgia State University


The breakdown

1. State business owners say Georgia's new strict abortion law will put them at a competitive disadvantage.

  • While the state's largest corporations were absent, the open letter from small and midrange businesses could represent national attitudes about doing business with Georgia and Georgians.

LISTEN: Andra Gillespie says new laws on abortion could affect the state's workforce negatively.

  • This comes as The New York Times reports that Democrats are concerned that voters won't turn out for Stacey Abrams. Issues like severe abortion restrictions may influence turnout.


2. Georgia's population of Hispanic voters continue to gain power in the electorate. But they report feeling underprioritized by their elected leaders.

  • Per the Georgia Recorder, 59% of Georgia's Latino voters say the country is going in the wrong direction. For the first time, abortion ranks as one of their top 5 issues.
  • 74% of Latino voters reported that abortion should stay legal, regardless of their personal religious beliefs.
  • Inflation also dominates voters' concerns.

LISTEN: Rafael Olavarria says Latino voters are growing wary of candidates who make promises they don't keep.

3. Both Sen. Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker's campaigns run ads accusing the other of domestic abuse.

  • Both ads prominently feature allegations of violence towards women.
  • Herschel Walker has notably spun reaction to Warnock's ad as a symptom of a mental health crisis.

LISTEN: Kevin Riley acknowledges the seriousness of domestic abuse allegations in political advertising and its impact on the election.

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