Three geographic markers on a white background.
Credit: Sam Bermas-Dawes, GPB

The panel:

Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham —  East Point

Jim Galloway — Former political columnist

Mayor Skip Henderson — Columbus

Mayor Van Johnson — Savannah

The breakdown: 

1. Public safety leads Georgians' concerns.

  • Mayors Ingraham, Henderson, and Johnson all cited public safety as their most pressing issue.
  • Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham noted that environmental justice is crucial in mixed development areas, with federal regulations falling short of what residents need to stay healthy.

2. Georgia is plagued with gun violence.

Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson said a gun buyback program in Columbus was overwhelmed with turned over firearms in exchange for gift cards.

3. Local economic developments meet varied reactions.

Savannah Mayor Van Johnson on his experience with invasive corporate offers on his home.

4. COVID relief funding has given more options to local governments. 

  • Georgia cities are using COVID relief funding to better fund public services, like police and fire departments, to update infrastructure, and to support small businesses.

    • Mayor Henderson noted that Columbus is attempting to move away from a waste management system manned by a prison camp in order to give inmates better opportunities.


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