A mashup of a photo of Greek columns, voting stickers and a young athlete.

The panel: 

Dr. Amy Steigerwalt — Professor of political science, Georgia State University

Chuck Williams — Reporter, WRBL-TV in Columbus

Jim Galloway — Former political columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Rafael Olavarria — Reporter, Univision


The breakdown:

1. The first week of early voting sees high turnout, but will record numbers continue?

  • Around 130,000 voted so far in the first four days of early voting, according to GeorgiaVotes.com.

    • It's a 216% increase over four years ago, when 42,000 voted in the same time period.


2. Leak of U.S. Supreme Court draft opinion makes waves in Georgia.

  • Warnock says he would vote for federal law enshrining Roe v. Wade, and vote to end filibuster law too.
  • The New York Times' Linda Greenhouse wrote Roe is also about a doctor's ability to make the best choices for patients without risking prosecution and prison.

Dr. Amy Steigerwalt discussed how the potential end of abortion access in Georgia could compound the state's poor maternal health trends.

3. Georgia High School Athletic Association makes a controversial decision on trans athletes in sports.

  • The GHSAA executive committee ruled earlier this week to unanimously bar trans athletes from competitions aligned with their gender identity. 

    • Instead, they now must compete with the gender trans athletes were assigned at birth.
  • It is unknown how many Georgia student-athletes this ruling could impact.


On Monday:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Patricia Murphy joins the panel to discuss spending in 2022's election ads.