Side by side photos of Mary Margaret Oliver and David Ralston.

State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (left) and House Speaker David Ralston.

Credit: Left photo by Taylor Reimann, Fresh Take Georgia. Right photo by Riley Bunch, GPB News.

The panel:

Rep. David Ralston — Speaker of Georgia House (R-Blue Ridge)

Jim Galloway — Retired columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver — State representative (D-Decatur)


The breakdown: 

Friday on Political Rewind: State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver is a longtime Democratic elected official representing Decatur and the surrounding area. She was first elected to the Georgia House in 2003 and authored key bills, like the 2022 session's Mental Health Parity act. 

Speaker David Ralston is a key player in the Republican Party. He has represented Blue Ridge in the Georgia House since 2002, and was first elected as Speaker of the House in 2010.

We asked Ralston and Oliver about their perspective on division in the Republican Party, new restrictions on school curriculum, tax cuts and more. 

Monday on Political Rewind:

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Patricia Murphy joins the panel.