A collage of images of Four-leaf clovers, Brian Kemp and a school. These are all subjects discussed on today's show.
Credit: Sam Bermas-Dawes, GPB News

The Panel:

Bernard Fraga — Professor of political science, Emory University

George Chidi — Freelance journalist

Karen Owen — Professor of political science, University of West Georgia

Margaret Coker — Editor-in-chief, The Current


The Breakdown: 

1. Georgia, and the nation, celebrates Irish-American heritage on St. Patrick's Day.

Savannah-based journalist Margaret Coker said Irish-American heritage is a big part of local tradition and history.


2. Gov. Brian Kemp signs midyear budget. 

  • Kemp approved a $30.2 billion midyear budget.

    • It includes raises and bonuses for teachers, correction officers and a $1 billion tax refund for Georgians. 
  • State officials hope to retain and attract more correctional officers with raises. GPB's Grant Blankenship sheds a light on the poor retention rates among prison staff.
  • GPB's Lawmakers breaks down how the budget came to the governor's desk.


3. Gubernatorial challenger David Perdue visited Mar-a-Lago to get a boost from former President Trump.


4. New bill takes an aim at school boards. 

  • Senate Bill 588 focuses on the public's right to attend these meetings. 
  • Democrats and public school advocates say this bill duplicates laws already on the books.


5. Hispanic voters are concerned with President Biden's lack of progress on immigration.

  • The New York Times reports lawyers in the Biden administration urged the court to let the president enforce a Trump-era restriction to allow the quick rejection of migrants at the border.

Emory University's Bernard Fraga said the conversation around immigration reveals a disconnect between lawmaker and constituent.


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