An illustration of numbers and letters behind a distorted image of a screen showing how state lawmakers have voted on an undisclosed bill.

Crossover Day sees last-minute action on a number of bills in the Georgia General Assembly.

Credit: Sam Bermas-Dawes, GPB News

The panel: 

Audrey Haynes — Professor of political science, University of Georgia           

Hugh Acheson — Chef, restaurateur

Kurt Young — Professor of political science, Clark Atlanta University

Tamar Hallerman— Senior reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


The breakdown:

1. Day 20 of Russia's war in Ukraine as ceasefire negotiations continue. 

  • NPR reports Russian forces are approximately 10 miles from the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv. The mayor announced a curfew in place from Tuesday evening through Thursday morning.
  • Chef Hugh Acheson joined World Central Kitchen to feed refugees coming from Ukraine. 

2. Lawmakers hurry to get their bills to the next chamber during today's "crossover" deadline. 

  • Today is the last day for bills to pass at least one legislative chamber.
  • HB 1464 would allow public inspections of ballot boxes and allow the Georgia Bureau of Investigations to target election fraud.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's senior reporter Tamar Hallerman said opponents of the measure are concerned some of the changes in the sweeping elections measure in the General Assembly will cause all sorts of headaches on Election Days in the future.


3. Former President Donald Trump throws support behind Georgia candidates. 

  • Trump is scheduled to be in Commerce, Ga., to headline a March 26 event.
  • The former president is behind David Perdue's campaign for governor, Herschel Walker's run for U.S. Senate, and Vernon Jones' recent jump into the 10th District.
  • Trump also endorsed candidates in smaller races.


4. Stacey Abrams kicks her second campaign for governor into high gear.

  • Abrams lost in her first bid in 2018 by 55,000 votes.
  • She kicked off her "One Georgia" campaign with stops in Atlanta and Cuthbert.

Tomorrow on Political Rewind:

GPB's Riley Bunch and Stephen Fowler join the panel to talk about which bills made it through Crossover Day.