The state Capitol at dawn.

Dawn breaks outside the Georgia Capitol Jan. 10, 2022, on the morning of the first day of the legislative session.

Credit: Riley Bunch, GPB News

The Panel:

James Salzer – Assistant senior editor of state government and politics, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution 

Leo Smith – GOP consultant and president, Engaged Futures 

Rep. Teri Anulewicz – State representative (D-Smyrna) 


The Breakdown:

1. Lawmakers return to the capitol to tackle the proposed $30.2 billion dollar budget.

State Rep. Teri Anulewicz sits on the House Appropriation Committee. She said the larger budget presents a challenge. 

2. Future of Medicaid in Georgia is up in the air.

Political organizer Leo Smith said some opposition to a federal expansion of Medicaid in Georgia stems from a institutional distrust of Congress.

3. Buckhead cityhood and East Cobb cityhood take different paths in legislative session. 

  • Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens addressed lawmakers this morning at the invitation of state House Speaker David Ralston. Dickens opposes the Buckhead cityhood movement.
  • Earlier this month, the bill creating a referendum on Buckhead cityhood, SB 324, was moved to an all Democrat-led committee where it is likely to fail.

Rep. Anulewicz said she opposed HB 841, the East Cobb cityhood proposal.


Tomorrow on Political Rewind:

One of the highest-ranking Republicans in state politics, Speaker David Ralston, joins us to talk about what to expect from the 2022 General Assembly session.