Joe Biden and a photo of UGA football side by side.
Credit: Photo of Biden courtesy of The White House via Wikimedia Commons, Photo of football game via Tammy Anthony Baker

The Panel:

Dr. Amy Steigerwalt — Professor of political science, Georgia State University

Edward Lindsey — Former state legislator, Atlanta

Mayor Hardie Davis — Augusta

Tamar Hallerman — Senior reporter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution     


The Breakdown:    

1. 'Dawgs on top' is the rallying cry this morning across Georgia. 

2. But bigger news might come out of a visit from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to Atlanta

Tamar Hallerman weighs in on the critics of the Biden administration, as they plan to visit Atlanta.

3. Lawmakers eye crime, gun-related laws and gambling this session. 

  • A new proposal from Gov. Brian Kemp would create an anti-gang unit in the state attorney general's office and beef up staffing in the state's crime labs.
  • The governor announced earlier his intentions to pass "constitutional carry" legislation that would ease permitting rules for open and concealed carry. 

Hardie Davis Jr. talks about how constitutional carry could have different effects on communities of color.

Tomorrow on Political Rewind:

Lawmakers' Donna Lowry and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Greg Bluestein join our panel.