GPB's "Battleground: Ballot Box" podcast, hosted by political reporter Stephen Fowler, returns for a second season starting Nov. 3 to cover the latest developments in Georgia politics.

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From voting rights and elections to the future of the GOP, Georgia is still playing a prominent role in national politics almost a year after the 2020 election.

Former President Donald Trump continues to fixate on his narrow defeat in Georgia, endorsing a slate of pro-Trump primary candidates to defeat fellow Republicans who defended election results while he also pushes false claims and conspiracies about the thrice-counted vote.

Democrats flipped both U.S. Senate seats and the state's presidential votes, but face a tough road ahead in statewide elections as the national Democratic agenda stalls in a gridlocked Washington, D.C.

Demographic and political changes in a fast-growing Georgia has created a newly energized electorate that promises close elections for years to come.

All of these developments promise new conversations about who we vote for and, still, how those votes are counted.

If it feels like there is a constant firehose of political news in our state, you’re absolutely right. To help you make sense of the most important political developments around the state, and how they could affect your life, we’re bringing back the Battleground: Ballot Box podcast.

On this season of Battleground: Ballot Box, we'll tackle the past, present and future of Georgia politics through the lens of the policies and people who shape it, whether it's abortion rights, rural broadband or the multi-billion dollar state budget. Several big questions have emerged:

How will redistricting alter the balance of power in the U.S. House and the statehouse? 

Will the state’s massive election law make voting harder in upcoming elections, and is the law enough to renew some Republicans' faith in the system after false election fraud claims from Trump and others kept them home?

In a crucial election year, still in a global pandemic and with all eyes on Georgia, what will our leaders do to make the state a better place?

Starting Nov. 3, we’ll count down to the 2022 elections with a once-a-week update on the important policies, people and political developments in the Peach State, from Dalton to Donalsonville, Toccoa to Tybee and everywhere in between.

Listen to past episodes of the show and find out more at, and buckle up for what is sure to be an eventful time.

Battleground: Ballot Box is a production of Georgia Public Broadcasting. Our producer is Jess Mador. Our editor is Wayne Drash. Our engineer is Jesse Nighswonger. You can subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts or anywhere you get podcasts.