Headshots of John Lewis and Andrew Aydin and the cover of Run.
Credit: Photo credit: The1Point8

Monday on Political Rewind: A year has passed since the death of civil rights icon John Lewis. Now, the story of the late Georgia congressman's life, activism and political career continues in a new series of graphic novels.

Run is a sequel to 2013’s March, a captivating illustration of Lewis's early days in the civil rights movement.

Run was co-authored by Lewis before his death and tells the story of the events after the signing of the Voting Rights Act, and how Lewis persevered through gut-wrenching setbacks. Andrew Aydin, former congressional aide to Lewis, co-authored the series with Lewis. Aydin joined us on today's show.

The three volumes of March were national best-sellers, and remains the only comic book to receive a National Book Award.


Andrew Aydin — Former congressional aide to Rep. John Lewis and co-author, March and Run

Jim Galloway — Former political columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution