Used COVID-19 vaccination syringes used to administer the Pfizer vaccine.
Credit: Ted S. Warren / AP Photo

Friday on Political Rewind: Vaccination rates in Georgia remain stubbornly low, even as the coronavirus is establishing a foothold again across the country. Hospitalizations are up in the state too, with the vast majority of patients being among the unvaccinated. What role are misinformation and partisan politics playing in the continuing spread of the virus? And how is this affecting other national topics, such as immigration? Our panel weighs in.

Plus, all five candidates for mayor of Atlanta took aim at what they say is a destructive campaign to create a new city of Buckhead.

Also: U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia was arrested at a protest in front of the U.S. Senate. The demonstration was an effort to call attention to the Senate’s refusal to pass new federal voter protection laws. But now some voting rights advocates are aiming their frustration at President Joe Biden, who they say hasn’t used his bully pulpit to force action in the Senate.


Maria Saporta — Founder and contributor, SaportaReport

Stanley Dunlap — State government reporter, Georgia Recorder

Chuck Kuck — Immigration attorney

Patricia Murphy — Political reporter and columnist, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution